When you prepare to take a Microsoft Certification exam, you take the first step toward achieving expertise with a Microsoft technology and earning a Microsoft Certification. Certification validates your expertise with Microsoft products and platforms, reveals your job-related experience, and establishes your technical problem-solving skills.

Certification type

After you register for an exam, you receive a confirmation email message. Be sure to review this message carefully for the latest exam policies and procedures.


What to expect

Microsoft Certification testing labs typically have multiple workstations, which may or may not be occupied by other candidates. Test center administrators strive to provide a quiet and comfortable environment for all test takers.

Plan to arrive early

We recommend that you arrive at the test center at least 30 minutes before the test is scheduled to begin.

Bring your identification

To take your exam, you must bring the identification (ID) that was specified when you registered for the exam. If you are unclear about which forms of ID are required, contact the exam sponsor identified in your registration information. Although requirements vary, you typically must show two valid forms of ID, one with a photo, both with your signature.

Leave personal items at home

The only item allowed into the testing area is your identification, so leave any backpacks, laptops, briefcases, and other personal items at home. If you have items that cannot be left behind (such as purses), the testing center might have small lockers available for use.

Nondisclosure agreement

At the testing center, Microsoft requires that you accept the terms of a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) and complete a brief demographic survey before taking your certification exam.

Exam Formats

Microsoft generally does not identify the format of any given exam at the time of registration because they expect you to understand the exam content, regardless of how it is presented. This practice helps protect exam security and the value of their certifications.

Microsoft Certification exams are presented in a wide variety of formats so that your knowledge and skills can be evaluated accurately. Question formats may include:

  • Active screen questions
  • Build list and reorder questions
  • Case studies
  • Create-a-tree questions
  • Drag and drop questions
  • Hot area questions
  • Multiple-choice, single-answer questions
  • Multiple-choice, multiple-answer questions
  • Multiple-choice, best answer questions
  • Multiple-choice, extended matching questions
  • Multiple-choice, repeated scenario questions
  • Simulations

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